Statistikbüro, in cooperation with different specialised partners, has developed standard solutions for various areas, for example a credit risk solution for banks and a solution for medical studies. More information

For research

Statistikbüro analyses data derived from science and research and presents the results in an optimal way. If you would like to do the research yourself, Statistikbüro is glad to offer self-help assistance. More information

For companies

Statistikbüro offers tailor-made models and analyses that will lead your company to success. Business Intelligence enables you to make clear decisions on the basis of your company data. More information

IBM SPSS Software

Statistikbüro is IBM Business Partner und Reseller for IBM SPSS Software.
Purchase IBM SPSS Software via Statistikbüro and enjoy three deciding advantages:
1. contact person on location
2. low price for software
3. competent support and inexpensive SPSS- and VBA-macros for efficient processing
More information


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