Online questionnaire

Would you like to collect your data by means of an online questionnaire?

Then we have a very good solution for you. We program online questionnaires with the EFS Survey Software by Globalpark. If you have designed the questions and possible answers, for example in a word document, we will put them online for you.
Advantages of Globalpark online questionnaires:

  • Different types of questions (e.g. multiple answers, matrix or ranking)
  • Multilingualism
  • Multimedia elements (e.g. pictures or videos)
  • Filter questions (e.g.: If question 1 = „yes“: Continue with question 2, otherwise with question 4)
You have the possibility of linking your online questionnaire to your or other websites and invite participants via e-mail to join your survey.

As soon as the survey is completed, we will export the collected data to Excel or SPSS for you. If necessary, we will also carry out a further analysis by means of various statistical methods.