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Statistikbüro is IBM Business Partner und Reseller for IBM SPSS Software in Austria.

Purchase IBM SPSS Software via Statistikbüro and enjoy three deciding advantages:
1. contact person on location
2. low price for software
3. competent support and inexpensive SPSS- and VBA-macros for efficient processing

You can purchase IBM SPSS Software in different editions, modules and licences. You will no doubt find the suitable package for you. In order to keep track, we would like to advise you which modules and which licences are perfect for your demands.

Overview of IBM SPSS Software:
tl_files/images/Zahlen/1_orange.jpg IBM® SPSS® Statistics editions
IBM® SPSS® Statistics Standard
IBM® SPSS® Statistics Professional
IBM® SPSS® Statistics Premium

IBM® SPSS® Statistics modules
IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base
IBM® SPSS® Advanced Statistics
IBM® SPSS® Bootstrapping
IBM® SPSS® Categories
IBM® SPSS® Complex Samples
IBM® SPSS® Conjoint
IBM® SPSS® Custom Tables
IBM® SPSS® Data Preparation
IBM® SPSS® Decision Trees
IBM® SPSS® Direct Marketing
IBM® SPSS® Exact Tests
IBM® SPSS® Forecasting
IBM® SPSS® Missing Values
IBM® SPSS® Neural Networks
IBM® SPSS® Regression
IBM® SPSS® Statistics Programmability Extension
tl_files/images/Zahlen/2_orange.jpg IBM® SPSS® Modeler editions
IBM® SPSS® Modeler Professional
IBM® SPSS® Modeler Premium
IBM® SPSS® Modeler Server
tl_files/images/Zahlen/3_orange.jpg IBM® SPSS® Text Analytics for Surveys
tl_files/images/Zahlen/4_orange.jpg IBM® SPSS® Data Collection
tl_files/images/Zahlen/5_orange.jpg IBM® SPSS® Collaboration and Deployment Services

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